Symbols of self-love can benefit anyone, as we all need to love ourselves. You don’t need to be insecure to surround yourself with self-love symbols.

Symbols of Self-Love

15 Symbols of Self-Love to Boost Self-Esteem

1. Lamat

Lamat is a Mayal symbol of self-love and prosperity. It symbolizes new beginnings and how letting go of the past can bring you new life.

2. Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the energy in the center of your body, near your heart. It helps you practice self-love, compassion, and empathy. It can even help you forgive yourself and transform into who you’ve always wanted to be.

3. Self Hug

The self-hug is beneficial for self-love. Even if it feels silly, it can increase the levels of oxycontin and reduce stress.

4. Radha

Radha is a Hindu goddess of love and compassion. She offered her love to many but didn’t neglect herself. She’s a perfect example of how one can be of service to others while practicing self-love.

5. Serch Bythol

Serch Byhtol is a Celtic symbol of self-love. It symbolizes a connection between two people, but also how you can return the love you feel from others and towards others to yourself.

6. Flower Mandala

The Flower Mandala is a pattern of many shapes overlapping. It symbolizes immortality, compassion, and growth. There are so many spiritual meanings that it’s difficult not to feel the power of self-love.

7. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The very popular goddess has taught many how to value themselves and see the grace in their own bodies.

8. Heart & Bow

The simple heart with a bow is a symbol of self-love. It symbolizes the importance of considering love of any kind a gift, including your own.

9. Irish Harp

The Irish harp represents sovereignty and love. You may feel this when you hear it played, not for a crowd, but for one’s own spiritual enjoyment.

10. Dara Knot

Dara Knot is a Celtic symbol of strength and self-acceptance. It means Oak Tree, with the root system being represented by the knot, teaching us how to connect to every aspect of life.

11. Brigid’s Cross

Brigid’s Cross is traditionally oven out of real straw. It wards off evil and negative feelings and thoughts we have toward ourselves and others.

12. Mirror

Spiritual mirrors show us our true selves. It can be difficult to look in the mirror when we’re not happy with who we are. But practicing self-love is a step in the right direction, not a result of something.

13. Philautia

Philautia is what the Greeks would now call self-love. The ancient practice was once a positive way to evaluate how you felt about your body and mind. It was seen as a foundation that taught us how to love others.

14. Padma Mudra

Padma Mudra is a hand symbol of self-love. It is connected to the heart chakra and helps you open it up, being vulnerable with yourself.

15. Claddagh

The Claddagh is an important Celtic symbol of self-love. You can wear the ring to represent loyalty and love for yourself.

Flowers That Symbolize Self-Love

  • Lilac – the sweet-smelling flowers symbolize growth and our journey of self-love.
  • Dahlia – pink dahlias, in particular, represent self-love, kindness, and beauty.
  • Amaryllis – a flower of self-acceptance that comes from the Greek word that means “to sparkle.”
  • Honeysuckle – a climbing flower that symbolizes our journey of growth and self-love.

Animal Self-Love Symbols

  • Dragonfly – represents the changes we go through that we don’t understand and how we can love ourselves through them.
  • Hawk – a bird of wisdom and self-love, teaching us to reflect on who we want to be, not who we were.
  • Moose – strong and responsible, the animal never wavers yet always manages to be an individual.
  • Boar – stands for the resolve it takes to push ourselves through certain situations, loving ourselves even more in the end.
  • Butterfly – symbolizes the journey to self-acceptance, knowing that you’ll always be the same person, no matter what happens.
  • Giraffe – represents the courage it takes to stand out and love yourself.
  • Swan – the ugly duckling once thought it was worthless until it became a swan, learning to love itself.

What Crystals Are Symbols of Self-Love

  • Rose Quartz – a sweet symbol of self-love that is easy to find and plentiful.
  • Rhodochrosite – teaches us how to love unconditionally and forgive ourselves.
  • Tourmaline – represents friendship with ourselves and practicing emotional balance.
  • Kunzite – helps connect with your heart chakra.
  • Emerald – the stone of successful love.
  • Sapphire – a deep stone that symbolizes the peace that comes from self-love.

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