Forgiveness symbols are signs that help you forgive or manifest it. This is one of the hardest things to give away and let go of, but one of the most important for physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Forgiveness Symbols

10 Powerful Forgiveness Symbols

1. Eleos

Eleos is a Greek goddess of compassion and mercy. She represents forgiveness, with her opposing force being Anaideia, the god of unforgiveness.

2. Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is a crystal of compassion that helps you to forgive yourself. Sometimes we can’t forgive others because we haven’t forgiven ourselves.

3. Cross

The cross is a Christian symbol of forgiveness. It represents our sins being forgotten and covered by Christ.

4. Olive Branch

Olive branches are pointed symbols of forgiveness that usually involve asking for forgiveness. You give an olive branch to someone you want to mend bridges with.

5. Clementia

Clementia is a Roman goddess of mercy and forgiveness. She was used by politicians who would do things in her name.

6. Goddess Guan yin

Guan Yin is a Chinese goddess of compassion and forgiveness. She is a symbol of mercy, love, and empathy.

7. Hands Held

Clasped hands represent forgiveness that can be used religiously or secularly. The point is that it means something to you.

8. Forgiveness Symbol

The American symbol of forgiveness was used in pictographs, some that may be thousands of years old. It is a circle with two lines through it.

9. Mpatapo

The Mpatapo is a knot of forgiveness in Adrinka. It stands for making amends and moving on with the good things in life.

10. Blue

Blue is the color of forgiveness. It represents calm, harmony, and connection to the throat chakra, which can help you forgive. There is a peacefulness to blue, which tells us that forgiveness cannot be present as the two cannot share a space.

Flowers That Symbolize Forgiveness

  • Orchids – especially white orchids symbolize forgiveness and sincerity
  • Gardenia – a sign of forgiveness and a common gift of goodwill
  • Daffodils – the number one flower of forgiveness and letting go
  • Day Lily – the flower associated with forgetfulness in a good way
  • Lily of the Valley – this flower is an apology flower that represents rebirth

Animal Forgiveness Symbols

  • Sparrow – small and unassuming, this bird stands for forgiveness
  • Deer – the animal regarding forgotten anger and tranquility
  • Ladybug – an insect that represents rebirth and forgiveness

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