Inner Peace

Inner peace symbols can grant you solace during difficult times. You can use each of them separately to grant you the type of inner peace you desire. But inner peace is no simple subject with a straightforward definition.

Inner Peace Symbols

15 Inner Peace Symbols To Relax With

1. Celtic Tree

Like the Tree of Life, the Celtic tree symbolizes physical, spiritual, and emotional peace. It represents the circle of life, and that journey is just a chapter.

2. Djed

The Djed is a pillar of strength and peace. It is associated with the god Osiris, reminding us that we can do anything.

3. Ganesha

Ganesha is a Hindu god of wisdom, success, and peace. He represents the ability to overcome any obstacle.

4. Unalome

The Unalome is a symbol of Buddhism that represents enlightenment and inner peace. It symbolizes the layers of spiritual awakening and the end goal of inner peace.

5. Triple Moon

This Wiccan symbol can be used by anyone to feel inner peace. It stands for women’s life phases and how they can find peace.

6. Reiki Shanti

The Reiki symbol for inner peace is shanti. It is valuable in the Reiki healing world as it can relieve stress, soothe pain, and calm those suffering.

7. Cairn

The zen formation of the cairn represents the journey ahead and how to end it with inner peace. Balance is key when building a cairn and with inner peace.

8. CND Symbol

Originally a symbol for nuclear disarmament, it soon became a simple and generic symbol of peace. Today, it’s the most widely recognized peace sign.

9. Enso Circle

The Enso circle is a Buddhist symbol of peace. It represents the mind and body becoming one in perfect harmony to create inner peace and creative freedom.

10. Bodhi Leaf

The Bodhi leaf stands for wisdom and enlightenment. If you find these, then inner peace is sure to follow.

11. Yin Yang

The Yin Yang symbol is well known to represent peace. It stands for balance in all things, where inner peace comes from.

12. Buddha

Meditating Buddha represents ultimate inner peace. Though he represents many more things, it always comes down to inner peace as the foundation, the beginning and the end.

13. Hopi Hand

The Hopi hand is called the healer’s hand because it brings peace and healing. The spiral shape is the universe where we must seek harmony.

14. Om

The Om symbol represents the mind in every state and how you can find inner peace. There are certain states when our mind is free, which we can channel through conscious meditation.

15. Anchor

The anchor represents inner peace that comes from stability and hope. It’s a reminder that there’s always a refuge in the storm.

Flowers That Symbolize Inner Peace

  • Peace Lily – the number one flower that symbolizes peace.
  • Olive Branch – connected to both inner and outer peace.
  • Lavender – just the smell of this flower can bring peace.
  • Chamomile – associated with the relaxing tea that brings peace.
  • Apple Blossom – a flower that symbolizes the great benefits and nourishment of inner peace.

Animal Inner Peace Symbols

  • Elephant – represents the Hindu god of inner peace, Ganesha.
  • Lamb – the sweet and peaceful babe associated with pure inner peace.
  • Turtle – slow to anger, the turtle represents inner peace.
  • Manatee – unique and well-loved, this animal is sacred due to its inner peace.

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