Symbols of optimism can encourage anyone who is having a hard time staying positive. It can prove beneficial to those struggling to see the glass as half full. If you feel you could use a pick-me-up, then optimism may be just what you need.

Symbols of Optimism

19 Symbols of Optimism To Brighten Your Day

1. Spring Equinox

The spring equinox is the first day of spring. It represents the coming of new, good things and the end of darkness and the cold winter. This can offer a dash of optimism to anyone struggling with seasonal depression.

2. Wings

Wings are a symbol of optimism because they represent the ability to soar. They can rise above negativity and fly toward peace, love, and happiness.

3. Orange (Fruit)

The orange fruit is a symbol of optimism. This is similar to the lemon, but it gives even more Vitamin C, which is linked to less stress and is a feel-good vitamin.

4. Spes

Spes is a Roman goddess of optimism. She often carried bright flowers, had wings, and a peaceful smile on her face.

5. Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra is located in the abdomen. It is associated with expression, emotions, and desire. It is also what can help us with creativity and optimism. So if you are not feeling optimistic, consider strengthening your Sacral Chakra.

6. Greenery

Green grass and trees represent optimism because they insinuate good weather. They also let us know that the area is healthy and fruitful, which can offer us food, comfort, and even shelter.

7. New Moon (and Crescent)

The new moon represents new things on the rise, while the crescent moon is a sign that things are improving. Both of these phases are sure signs of optimism.

8. Candle

Candles are symbols of optimism because they provide light. They can burn bright or low, lasting as long as there is wax to burn, which is how endless candles exist.

9. Gye W’ani

Gye W’ani is an Adrinkan symbol of optimism. It means “rich living,” as in enjoying life to the fullest rather than monetary riches.

10. Diya

Diya is an oil lamp linked to optimism. This type of lamp gives off light for an extended period because it doesn’t consume fuel at a fast rate. So, it can always offer something positive to those around it.

11. Jupiter

Jupiter is the planet of optimism and positive thinking. It’s the largest planet in our solar system, known in astrology to bring good luck, wisdom, and abundance to those it blesses.

12. Olive Branch

An olive branch represents optimism toward a relationship. Hence, giving someone an olive branch is reaching out in hopes of mending a broken relationship or ending an argument.

13. Euphrosyne

Euphrosyne is the goddess of optimism. She represents a carefree spirit full of joy and happiness. Few gods or goddesses represent optimism to this extent.

14. Sun

The sun is one of the strongest symbols of optimism. It is warm and energetic, offering us optimism every day when people feel the least depressed and have the best outlook on life.

15. Rainbow

Rainbows are beautiful symbols of optimism. They represent hope for a better tomorrow and a belief that you can be accepted just as you are. The rainbow has prominence in many religions and mythologies but has become a modern-day symbol of optimism and acceptance.

16. Light

Light is an obvious symbol of optimism. Many other symbols of optimism are traced back to light being the shining factor. For example, the sun’s light is what makes it full of warmth and joy.

17. Laughing Buddha

While Buddha doesn’t encourage optimism as a whole, the Laughing Buddha shows his optimistic side. This side of Buddha encourages us to look on the bright side, though not to be led by our emotions.

18. Cherry Blossom

The Japanese cherry blossom tree symbolizes optimism. Though it has many other meanings, the cherry blossom festival is known to strike optimism in the hearts of all who attend. 

19. Yellow

Yellow is the color of optimism. It represents a bright future and is almost always associated with something positive.

When associated with something negative, it is something such as cowardice, which is a sign of fear and cynicism. This can be cured by being optimistic about what is to come whenever you take that difficult first step.

Flowers That Symbolize Optimism

  • Pink Hyacinth – a pretty flower that represents the care it takes to share optimism
  • Chrysanthemums – especially yellow chrysanthemums, which have similar meanings as sunflowers
  • Orange Osmanthus – this orange flower is a symbol of hope and positivity
  • Sunflower – a bright symbol of positive energy and optimism as they always face the sun

Crystals That Symbolize Optimism

  • Yellow Sapphire – this particular color of sapphire offsets the heavier energy of the dark blue sapphire
  • Citrine – one of the most popular stones for optimism
  • Turquoise – a happy stone that can bring peace and positivity
  • Sulfur Crystal – a yellow crystal that symbolizes optimism through positive energy

Animal Optimism Symbols

  • Hummingbird – a small bird that is bright and beautiful, a perfect epitome of optimism
  • Elephant – when an elephant raises its trunk in art, it symbolizes raising one’s spirits
  • Seagull – a bird that represents hope of dry land, a beacon for sea-dwellers
  • Firefly – a light in the darkness and a symbol of optimism
  • Peacock – another bright bird that is associated with optimism because it isn’t afraid to show everyone who it is
  • Dolphin – known for their joy and playfulness, this is one positive animal
  • Butterfly – an insect that represents hope that tomorrow is a better day and positive changes are afoot

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