Symbols of change are emblems that represent rebirth and growth. Surround yourself with them to embrace differences and grow.

Symbols of Change

20 Symbols of Change in Different Cultures

1. Phoenix

The phoenix is an old mythological creature that can die, combust, and be born again. It is one of the few truly immortal creatures, originating in Egyptian mythology.

2. Beaver

The symbol of change in Canada is a pendant that was a gift to indigenous leaders by the Hudson Bay Company. It represents the fur trade and the importance of changing toward peace.

3. Egg

The egg represents change in both Christian and Pagan cultures. But for Christians, it represents the rebirth of our souls.

4. Bear

The bear appears each spring with the change of the season. That’s why, in many native cultures, it represents change.

5. Sesa Wo Suban

The Adrinka symbol of change is a morning star inside a wheel. This is Sesa Wo Suban, and it represents a new day.

6. Lamat

The Lamat is a symbol representing the eighth day of the Mayan calendar. It is one of rebirth and renewal.

7. Bats

The bat’s representation of change is ancient. Many believe that it rose from the center of the earth, and is reborn again every day.

8. Sabzeh

In Ancient Persia, the Sabzeh were planted at the start of the year as a rebirth. Today, they are still used during the New Year in Persian cultures.

9. Swan

The swan represents rebirth and change in many cultures, but perhaps that began in Greece. The swan represents how things may start grim, but the future holds many great things.

10. Eostre

This German symbol, Eostre, represents change. Eostre is a German goddess that symbolizes springtime with flowers decorating her hair and surroundings.

11. Spring Equinox

The spring equinox is a sign of renewal, with the change of harsh conditions to mild ones. The festivities of this event likely began with the Romans.

12. Yarilo

In Russia, the god Yarilo is the bright lord. He is a Slavic pantheon and god of spring, rebirth, and change.

13. Bennu

The Egyptian symbol for change is the Bennu. It is a deity connected to the sun and rebirth. Its tales are older than the phoenix.

14. Triqueta

This ancient Celtic symbol represents change. The druids believed it stood for the land, sea, and spirit, as well as the way they change as time goes on.

15. Pinecone

In areas with evergreen trees, the pinecone represents change. The cones are symbolic of the trees giving birth with a chance for new trees to grow.

16. Star Octogram

The octagon and star octagram represent rebirth in Chinese culture. This belief isn’t exclusive to the Chinese culture but perhaps most prominent.

17. Tteokguk

In Korea, tteokguk is a common rice cake soup that is eaten at New Year’s. It is pure and clean to cleanse negative energies and start the new year off right.

18. Cherry Blossom

Cherry blossoms, or Sakura, represent change in Japan. They change with the seasons but only bloom for two to three weeks.

19. Hummingbird

In Central American cultures, the hummingbird is a sign of rebirth. The gods are believed to send them to help people heal and be reborn.

20. Lotus

The lotus is symbolic in many cultures as a symbol of change. It represents new beginnings and the ability to rise from the murky waters.

Why Is Change Good?

  • Gives us the chance to move on
  • Grants us opportunities
  • Helps us grow
  • Refreshes us
  • Gives joy to sadness
  • Makes us better
  • Gives us hope
  • Makes us more understanding
  • Offers an adventure
  • Overcomes burnout
  • Heals

Flowers Symbols of Change

  • Heather – The heather flower transforms and changes with the seasons. The colorful flower is one that symbolizes change and individualism.
  • Black Rose – The black rose symbolizes rebirth and healing. Though they don’t grow naturally, you can feed them dye, paint them, or buy them artificially.
  • Tulips – Tulips’ strong form represents vitality and endurance through changes. They symbolize those who can endure hard times.
  • Daffodil – The daffodil symbolizes change. Though the flower only blooms for a few weeks before it dies, it comes back again each year to give us new hope.

Trees Symbols of Change

The birch tree is a spiritual tree of change. It represents new beginnings, growth, and change. The Celts thought it could protect the village it was planted in. The trees also represent imagination, creativity, and innocence.

Color that Symbolizes Change

Orange is the color of change. It is vibrant and represents the change of the seasons. The color is also connected to creativity and energy.

Universal Symbol Of Change

The butterfly represents change in many cultures. Because of its broad symbolism, no one knows where it originated. The reason it represents change is that it begins life as a larva, then disappears into a pupa before evolving into a gorgeous winged butterfly.

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