Symbols of victory can help you mentally overcome hurdles in life. Victory symbols include ancient gods, parts of nature, or abstract emblems. The power of each is similar, so it’s important to use what gives you strength for victory. 

Symbols of Victory

10 Victory Symbols to Feel Like a Winner

1. V-Hand Sign

The V-hand sign was a popular symbol of victory during WWII. Even Winston Churchill took part in using the V sign, with it symbolizing vrijheid, or freedom. Later on, it was used during the Vietnam War, with it standing for victory.

2. Trophy

The trophy is a common symbol of victory. This dates back to ancient Rome but has carried over into being the most common award aside from the simple medallion.

3. Helm

Whether in the Dharma wheel or a more secular version, the ship’s helm symbolizes victory. It is a reminder that you are in control and can steer toward your goals and dreams.

4. Laurel Wreath

Similar to the flower crown, the laurel wreath is a symbol of victory. It was used in ancient times instead of an Olympic medal. Now, it symbolizes victory, heroism, and a fair game.

5. Palm Branch

The palm branch is another symbol of victory, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia. In the Bible times, they were sacred, even used by Jesus and his disciples. 

6. Phoenix

The mythical phoenix rises from the ashes, unable to be defeated. Because of this, it represents strength, rebirth, and victory over one’s enemies, even the demons in your mind.

7. Banner

Victory banners are common in Tibetan culture but are now used by many to claim victory. You may see this in games, whether it be sports or video games with the winning teams flying their colors.

8. Light of Diya

The Hindu light of Diya is a lamp that represents hope and victory. It is common at festivals where those present celebrate victory over ignorance and darkness in favor of knowledge and light. 

9. Tiwaz Rune

The Norse rune is an upward-pointing arrow that means victory. Because it is easy to draw, it is now used by many to encourage victory and create a winning mindset. It has been used for bad in the past, but that does not take away from its original power.

10. Thunderbird

The Native Americans saw the thunderbird as a powerful bird spirit that granted victory. It also stands for power, nobility, and strength in war. 

Flowers That Symbolize Victory

  • Gladiolus – the flower of the gladiators symbolizes integrity in victory, free from loopholes and cheating. 
  • Gentian – another flower of victory that always shoots upward. 
  • Nasturtium – a patriotic flower that represents victory in battle.

Animal Victory Symbols

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