Symbols of anger can help take control of the emotion. Anger in moderation is not a bad thing, but no emotion should control your life. That’s why learning about the meaning of anger and the symbols that reflect the emotion can benefit you and everyone around you.

Symbols of Anger

13 Symbols of Anger and Resentment

1. Claws

Claws symbolize anger, as felines can extend their claws on call. They do this when they feel threatened or angry. The phrase “their claws are out” came from this fact.

2. Bomb

Bombs are symbols of anger that depict explosive anger well. This is used when someone is a ticking time bomb, waiting for the right moment or the next trigger to unleash their anger.

3. Fist

A fist can symbolize anger, strength, or victory. When it symbolizes anger, it is often red or formed in an aggressive way with accompanying symbols of anger. 

4. Fire

Fire is one of the top symbols of anger. It symbolizes the feeling we have when we are angry, making it one of the most accurate depictions of anger in nature.

5. Dark Cloud

Dark clouds are connected to many negative emotions, with anger being one of the most prominent. These dark clouds are usually shown hovering over the person that feels angry rather than the object of the anger. 

6. Hulk

Hulk gets his powers from his anger, which is why “hulking out” means that someone is raging. This comparison has been around since Hulk’s debut in the 1960s.

7. Angry Face

This emoji allows people to easily and safely express their anger. There are many types of angry emojis, but the most common is the simple “angry face” option.

8. Chain

Chains symbolize the way anger can drag us down. If we feel angry, we feel held back from our lives, trapped, and no longer in control of our own lives.

9. Chaotic Ocean

The angry waves of the ocean may be relatable. The way they feel uncontrolled and chaotic is similar to the way anger can make us feel.

10. Anger Symbol

Perhaps the most common symbol of anger is the anger symbol. It consists of four curved red lines often used to depict anger in comics.

11. Demon Emoji

The demon emoji is often used to express negative emotions or plans. The angry face is used for anger, and the smiling one is used to express a desire for revenge.

12. Dragon Eye

Dragon eyes symbolize anger and rage. The eerie glare of the eye without the rest of the dragon to bring the picture together is even more menacing than the dragon itself. 

13. Lyssa

Lyssa is the Greek goddess of anger and rage. She was a mad spirit and daughter of Nyx, who gave rabies to animals, which is where the term “lyssavirus” came from. 

Flowers That Symbolize Anger

  • Petunia – a symbol of anger and resentment that can also be positive if you love the flower
  • Tiger Lilies – long connected to aggression and anger
  • Black Roses – can be associated with hatred and revenge
  • Pansy – perennial flowers that often look like they have an angry face

Animal Anger Symbols 

  • Hornet – the phrase “mad as a hornet” comes into play
  • Bull – a symbol of anger, loyalty, and stubbornness 
  • Fire Ants – symbols of aggression and anger
  • Crocodiles – especially the Nile Crocodile, which is one of the most aggressive animals in the world

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