Symbols of longevity can grant you the energy and mindset necessary to live a long life. There’s a reason longevity has little to no synonyms; because it’s a special term that you can gain strength from if you recognize the symbols.

Symbols of Longevity

25 Symbols of Longevity To Strengthen

1. Infinity Sign

The infinity sign is one of the most common symbols of longevity. It can be a symbol to represent an infinite number of anything, including years on Earth.

2. Gnosa

Gnosa is an interesting Reiki symbol that means secret knowledge. However, it is in connection with gaining a longer life full of passionate relationships, careers, and hobbies via the opening of all seven chakras. 

3. Red Crystal

The red crystal symbol was used in the early 2000s to offer a new health symbol for those who believed others were too religious or had a dark past. It still isn’t as popular as the others, but it has gained traction since its introduction.

4. Cho Ku Rei 

Cho Ku Rei is a Reiki symbol of longevity. It represents a burst of energy needed for emergency medical attention.

5. Red Crescent 

The Red Crescent was a symbol of health and longevity in the 1800s. This was during the war in the Ottoman Empire. The symbol of a red crescent shape was a symbol for them because they believed the red cross could be offensive to Muslims who may believe it was a Christian symbol. 

6. Shaman’s Hand

Shaman’s Hand is an ancient symbol associated with healing and good health. It transcends culture and religion because it spans many, though it got its start from Reiki shamans.

7. Circle

The circle is the shape of longevity. Because it can represent immortality as well as anything that is infinite.

8. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus has many meanings, one of those being longevity. Anything that lengthens life, such as health and protection, is represented by the Eye of Horus. It is a common symbol of jewelry and other items you can keep with you.

9. Fukurokuju

 Fukurojin is a god of immortality and longevity. He is one of the seven lucky gods in Japanese mythology, this one granting a long life.

10. Shou

Shou is a Chinese symbol that represents a long life. It is a symbol often gifted to the elderly by loved ones who wish for them to live many more years. Those who use the Shou symbol often believe our life spans are decided when we are born, and it is only the star god Canopus, who is represented by Shou, who can change that.

11. Pear

The pear is a fruit of immortality and longevity. It is known as Amrita Phalam in Sanskrit, which translates to Fruit of Immortality. 

12. Idun

Idun is a Norse Goddess of spring and longevity. She is said to grant youth, joy, and new life to those who follow her and eat the magical apples of immortality. 

13. Cadeceus

The winged rod with two serpents spiraling it is a common health symbol. It is used in America to represent healthcare. The history of this symbol dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome.

14. Rod of Asclepius

A similar rod with only one snake and no wings is the Rod of Asclepius. This rod also has Ancient Greek ties with the staff belonging to the god Asclepius, the god of health and medicine. 

15. Ruyi Scepter

The Ruyi Scepter is an Ancient Chinese object of longevity. It is a decorative item now used as a talisman of good fortune and long, healthy life.

16. Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki represents longevity physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is a Reiki symbol of longevity that encourages us to look inward for long life.

17. Eight Immortals

The eight immortals are elements of the Taoist faith. They are represented by six men and two women who are all different yet have all achieved immortality. What they did to achieve this immortality isn’t confirmed, though many believe they all ate the same peaches.

18. Phoenix

A symbol of longevity because the phoenix is immortal. It may die but it is always born again out of the ashes of its grave.

19. Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo is another Reiki symbol of longevity. This one stands for the light found in each of us, which is an important factor in living a full life. It roughly translates to, “Great being of the universe, shine on me, be my friend.”

20. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is a symbol of immortality and longevity. It is represented by two other symbols of longevity, combining the serpent and a circle. This sands for the never-ending cycle of life.

21. Gourd

The gourd is a common symbol of longevity. In Eastern Asia, it represents the bridge between heaven and earth and can bless the sick by promoting good health.

22. Sun Face

The sun face is a Zuni symbol that represents the Sun Father. It stands for longevity, stability, and abundance. This Sun Father is very important in the Zuni faith as it takes care of families who practice. Sun Face symbols are usually decorated with different gems. The gems represent different aspects of the Sun Father’s powers.

23. Coral

Coral is a symbol of fertility, happiness, and longevity. It has been a symbol of immortality for thousands of years due to its ability to live for thousands of years.

24. Peach

The peach fruit has the ability to grant longevity and immortality in many cultural tales. This tie is likely due to the lightness, sweetness, and juiciness of the fruit.

25. Red Cross

The red cross is a medical symbol to represent unbiased healthcare. The symbol was popular during the 1800s. Medical teams in Switzerland, Italy, and the US helped to spread the representation of the symbol to make it more universal.

Flowers That Symbolize Longevity

  • Chrysanthemum – the flower given as a gift to new mothers represents good luck and longevity with beliefs in China, Victorian England, Australia, and more
  • Lotus – a spiritual flower with all positive meanings, including longevity
  • Amaranth – used in ancient rituals to grant a longer life
  • Tansy – pretty yellow flowers with Grek ties to immortality and longevity
  • Wisteria – the white Wisteria represents a long life because it can live to be over 1000 years old

Crystals That Symbolize Longevity

  • Jade – a green gem with Chinese ties to longevity
  • Diamond – many phrases give it this meaning, such as “diamonds are forever”
  • Larimar – a rare and beautiful gem of longevity 
  • Green Agate – means longevity and good health in Japan

Animal Longevity Symbols

  • Snakes – a symbol of longevity in Egypt with many gods and other symbols containing snakes to represent immortality and life
  • Tortoise – one of the longest-living animals 
  • Deer – often considered magical animals that can travel through the realms
  • Elephant – a symbol of longevity in Hinduism represented by the god Ganesha
  • Magpie – a symbol of longevity in China
  • Crane – this bird represents longevity wishes in Japan

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