Symbols of perseverance represent an inner strength anyone may utilize. They offer the power it takes to get through life’s hardest chapters.

Symbols of Perseverance

To use these symbols of tenacity, you may place them in your home, wear them, or look at pictures of them. The strength they provide comes in the form of animals like the tortoise, flowers like the lotus, or cultural depictions of diamonds.

There are many options to gain perseverance, and all are valid. No matter the symbol of perseverance you choose, receiving the gift is a positive step toward reaching your life.

What is the Meaning of Perseverance?

Perseverance means to persist in doing something, despite the difficulties. In short, perseverance signifies not giving up.

Similar words include determination, resolve, and tenacity. But perseverance has a unique place in the world as one that comes from the Latin word perseverantia, which means “abiding my strictly.”

Which Color Symbolizes Perseverance?

Blue is the color of perseverance. It is also the color of trust, loyalty, and wisdom, coming together to create the inner peace and transparency necessary for a full life and healthy relationships.

In countries with blue flags, the color often represents perseverance. The history of blue in flags relates to the perseverance it took countries to overcome adversity, gain independence, and find a life of freedom.

Historical Symbols of Perseverance

Blue has held meaning since the beginning of humanity, with the blue sky and waters significant to all. The term “blue” as an emotion is not universal.

In the UK, being blue means to be sad. But, in Germany, it means to be drunk.

The color blue was first used by ancient Egyptians. They discovered azurite, a mineral that soon traveled all over the world and was known as Egyptian Blue.

Because of its rarity, blue was a symbol of royalty that was just as precious as gold. After ultramarine, lapis lazuli, was found in Afghanistan, it became a symbol of honesty. The term ultramarine translates to “beyond the sea,” but it was sometimes called “true blue.”

Flowers That Symbolize Perseverance

  • Acanthus – a common flower that represents the beauty of rising from a harsh environment.
  • Lotus – a flower of perseverance due to the ability it has to rise from muddy waters

Plants That Symbolize Perseverance

  • Bamboo – a Chinese symbol of strength and determination
  • Oak – a strong tree that stands for resistance and perseverance

Animal Perseverance Symbols

  • Elephant – represents the goddess Ganesha, who stands for wisdom and perseverance
  • Salmon – infamous for traveling upstream
  • Phoenix – with the ability to rise from the ashes, the firebird symbolizes persistence
  • Tortoise – always wins the race with perseverance
  • Griffin – part eagle, part lion, the mythical creature symbolizes strength and tenacity
  • Eagle – a predator that perseveres through life with courage and strength
  • Bull – a stubborn animal of fertility, determination, and abundance
  • Woodpecker – willing to work at getting through a tree for days, the bird is the epitome of perseverance
  • Horse – a symbol of loyalty and intelligence, the animal is a sign of perseverance

Symbols of Perseverance in Literature and Art

Symbols of perseverance in literature and art are common throughout the ages and help explain the meaning in a deeper way. For instance, perseverance symbols can be found in literary works, like Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken,” as well as Van Gogh’s famous painting, “Starry Night”.

The term “the road less traveled” comes from Frost’s poem. In the poem, the narrator looks down two paths.

One looks easy and worn, while the other looks mysterious and rugged. In the end, he says, “I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

He chose the path not because it was interesting, but because he didn’t wish to conform. Instead, he chose to take the riskier path, despite the difficulty.

Perseverance is also present in the evident blue focus of “The Starry Night.” Van Gogh used the color to represent mourning.

Similarly, Picasso went through a stage of using blue in every art piece to signify his melancholy. Aside from a sense of sadness, blue also represents royalty, a switch from purple in the Middle Ages.

20 Symbols of Perseverance

Celtic Symbols of Perseverance

1. Knot

The Celtic Knot is a symbol of perseverance that transcends time and culture. It comes in many shapes and sizes, each time representing positive aspects of life and how we must remain vigilant to maintain them.

2. Triskelion

The triskelion is a symbol of perseverance of three spirals representing the mind, body, and soul. The symbol is associated with the goddess Hecate, who holds power over darkness and light.

3. Ailm

The Ailm is a popular symbol in the Celtic culture. It symbolizes endurance and resilience, which is important in every culture and religion.

Native Symbols of Perseverance

4. Arrow – American

The arrow is a Native American symbol of perseverance. It represents the focus it takes to accomplish goals.

5. Maori ta moko

Maori ta moko is a type of tattoo for the indigenous people of New Zealand. It stands for the perseverance it takes to get through life and helps people connect to their ancestors.

6. Sunstone – Aztec

Sunstone represents perseverance in Aztec cultures. It was once a calendar stone that guided the Aztecs, reminding them to persevere through difficult seasons in order to reach the sun again.

7. Aboriginal – Dot

The Aboriginal dot painting represents endurance for the people of Australia. Dot paintings were common on people and canvases to symbolize perseverance for the artist and the people receiving the tattoos.

Egyptian Symbols of Perseverance

8. Djed Pillar

The Djed Pillar is a symbol of stability and tenacity in Egyptian culture. The pillar is sometimes called the backbone of Osiris, the god of the dead.

9. Sphinx

The Sphinx is an Egyptian symbol of perseverance and strength. It signifies the place where mortality and immortality overlap, showing immortal features in a human and how we may utilize those features.

10. Scarab Beetle

The golden scarab of Egypt is a symbol of protection against weakness. Beetles of gold were common for jewelry and brooches to protect and offer perseverance.

Religious Symbols of Perseverance

11. Diamond – Hindu

The diamond is a Hindu symbol of perseverance with Greek influence. It symbolizes the tears of the gods that grant power and determination to transform your life, using pressure to your advantage.

12. Aum – Hindu

The Aum is a Hindu symbol of perseverance that also symbolizes unity and harmony. It assists in meditation and other rituals that remind us that we are capable of anything we set our minds to.

13. Chai – Hebrew

Chai is a Hebrew word that means perseverance and thriving. It is good luck in the Jewish culture, often linked to the number 18.

Ancient Symbols of Perseverance

14. Sankofa – African

Sankofa is an African symbol of perseverance that comes from Ghana in West Africa. The word Sanfoka means “go back and fetch it,” which refers to moving on to the future, retrieving what you lost in the past.

15. Hammer and Anvil – Viking

The hammer and anvil is a Nordic symbol of perseverance. It represents the strength and determination it takes to transform something useless into something with the ability to change lives.

16. Pomegranate – Greek

Pomegranates symbolize perseverance in ancient Greece. They symbolize the goddess Persephone, who was kidnapped by Hades. After she was rescued, she was given a pomegranate to reward her for the perseverance and tenacity she maintained in the underworld.

17. Lighthouse – Universal

The lighthouse represents perseverance all over the world. Lighthouses guide sailors home, with the light standing for the strength it takes to overcome treacherous waters and find your way back home.

18. Uruz Rune – Viking

The Uruz Rune is a Viking symbol of strength. The perseverance of the symbol comes from the meaning of “aurochs,” oxen with unmatched strength.

19. Aegishjalmur – Viking

Aegishjalmur is a Nordic symbol known as the Helm of Awe. The helmet is a circle composed of tridents that protect and strengthen its users.

20. Evil Eye -Turkish

The Turkish evil eye wards off evil and draws in positive energy that gives the power of perseverance. It is a reminder to stay strong and keep your eyes on your goals, not getting distracted by temptation.

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