Animal symbolism is the use of animals to represent certain qualities or ideas in various contexts. From strength and beauty to cunning and courage, animals can carry deep meanings across diverse cultures and societies. 

Animal Symbolism

Animal Symbolism and Their Spiritual Meaning


Birds are considered to signify the transition between life and death. Because they can fly to any location, birds are also symbols of freedom.


Bears symbolize healing, strength, introspection, and embarking on a spiritual journey. Because of a bear’s size, bears can also mean strength and power. 


Owls represent wisdom, patience, and solitude. It’s rare to encounter an owl, and if you do, you can view the sighting as a sign from the universe. This animal also represents a deep connection and intuitive knowledge.


Dogs are symbols of friendship. They are often referred to as a “man’s best friend,” which makes sense as dogs represent loyalty, being noble, and being a true and loyal friend. In Celtic myths, dogs were known as shapeshifters. During the Renaissance era, they symbolized fertility and female seduction.


Cows are animals connected to the Earth. So, this animal represents power, nurturing, and fertility. In addition, other meanings for cows include compassion, steadfastness, and perception.


Elephants are symbols of luck, fertility, and protection. However, the elephant has many different meanings across cultures. For example, the Greeks view elephants as a symbol of military strength and power.

Within folklore that can be found throughout the African continent, elephants have a strong connection to people. In Indian culture, the symbol of the elephant was regularly used in battle and as a part of religion.


Butterflies represent transformation and are symbols of change. You can think of it as your old self dying so that a newer version of you emerges.


Snakes symbolize regeneration and renewal, female sexuality, and agricultural fertility. In religion, snakes can be associated with the underworld, such as in The Book of Genesis. The snake can symbolize ideas or things that have a negative connotation, such as malice or poison.


A wolf symbolizes perseverance, stability, intuition, loyalty, and success. Also, wolves are known for their intelligence, desire for freedom, and being self-reliant.


Horses are considered to be powerful. In addition, this animal is representative of freedom, stamina, intellect, wisdom, and more.


Frogs are symbols of wealth, fertility, and wisdom. In some Native American traditions, frogs represent rain and abundance. This species embodies luck when considering prosperity, health, growth, development, and more.


Buffalo symbolizes bravery, freedom, kindness, strength, and respect. They’re also known for life’s sacredness, power, safety, and durability. In Native American culture, the buffalo is a large piece of different legends and oral traditions.

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