Symbols of nobility can bring a royal aesthetic to any setting. The animals, plants, and objects are common signs of nobility in history.

Symbols of Nobility

17 Nobility Symbols to Make You Feel Royal

1. Orb

Any orb can symbolize nobility, but the royal orb is unique. It can be on a scepter, on a stand, or alone. An orb is made of precious metals and adorned with gems. Cultures with Christian religions often place crosses atop them, while Asian cultures may paint detailed images on them.

2. Sun

The sun is a sign of nobility. It is believed to have healing powers, intense energy, and a direct connection to the heavens. The sun god Ra in Egypt may have something to do with this as well as the connection to nobility in Japanese culture from the sun goddess Amaterasu.

3. Medal

Medals are awarded to those who earned a noble status. This is one of the few symbols still used today to honor those who achieved greatness in the military.

4. Axe Head

The axe head is a rare symbol of nobility. It typically stood for earned nobility, the respectable type given to knights. In Native American cultures, it was also a sign of power and strength given to leaders in the tribe.

5. Crown

The crown is an obvious symbol of royalty, but it can also symbolize nobility. There were times in history when an entire class of people could wear adornments on their heads to symbolize their status.

6. Fire

Fire symbolizes the brilliance of those who earn their nobility. It stands for a passionate heart, and in Chinese mythology, it’s a direct symbol of nobility and strength.

7. White Gloves

White gloves are still predominantly worn by nobles or royals. In medieval times, they were worn to show social status. But it soon became a matter of convenience as those in the working class could not keep the gloves clean.

8. Pearl

Pearls are natural symbols of nobility. As far back as Julius Caesar’s time, pearls have been valuable. Samurai, similar to knights, even wore them as signs of nobility and bravery to help them during tough times.

9. Key

Keys represent nobility. Those with keys gain access to privileges and perks that others do not have. Almost every culture gives keys to significant spiritual symbolism.

10. Scepter

Scepters are symbols of nobility. Historically, scepters were predominantly used by nobles. Unlike canes or staffs, they had little to no practical use.

11. Pineapple

Pineapple is a noble fruit that, at one point, was so expensive that only nobles could afford it. It didn’t leave South America until the 15th century when it was brought to Spain.

12. Robe

Robes are symbols of nobility when brightly colored. Deep blue, red, and purple robes are still common today in royal and noble family ceremonies.

13. Seals and Crests

Seals of wax and decorated crests (Coat of Arms) often showed the rank of a person or family. Each one was unique to the individual or family, letting others who received their letters or saw their banners know where they stood in society.

14. Gold

Gold is sometimes considered the most valuable mineral, depending on the era. In Ancient Egypt, it was used in Pharoah’s temple and clothing.

Throughout the years, it was only worn by nobles and royals as they were the only ones who could afford it.

15. Circle

The circle is a symbol of nobility. It stands for intelligence and power. Though it is most often associated with female nobility, it can represent power of any kind.

16. Ruby

Ruby is a gem of nobility. It is believed they have the power to give life as they are the same color as the blood running through our veins.

The gem symbolizes wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Other gemstones that symbolize nobility are sapphire and emerald.

17.  Purple

Purple is a color of nobility. It is a sign of royalty and nobility, which dates back to ancient times when the rare color was only for those with royal blood.

In Ancient Rome, there were times when those wearing purple who weren’t at least noble were executed. Some nobles had their birth certificates signed in purple ink to make it official.

Flowers That Symbolize Nobility

  • Magnolia – symbolizes longevity, dignity, and nobility
  • Globe Thistle – means “hedgehog,” but symbolizes independence and nobility
  • Iris – symbolizes both royalty and nobility, named after a Greek goddess
  • Carnation – the flower of the gods

Animal Nobility Symbols

  • Eaglethese birds symbolize leadership, nobility, and courage
  • Horse – an ancient symbol of power and nobility
  • Goat – the British royal mascot is a goat, William Windsor
  • Cow – often used as a symbol of worship in ancient times
  • Lion – still often used to symbolize aristocracy in fiction

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