Magic symbols are signs that can enchant and charm your life. The trend of magic and sorcery in pop culture has grown substantially over the years, becoming a part of lives worldwide.

Magic Symbols

15 Magic Symbols To Utilize

1. Horned God

The Horned god symbol is a Wiccan emblem of masculine energy. It often appears as a simple rune or a goat with the body of a man, offering success and fertility in life.

2. Elements

All of the elements – fire, water, air, and earth – are symbols of magic. They have different powers in different cultures, but it always traces back to the magic and how we need them all to live. So in a way, the elements are the foundation of all that is, including magic.

3. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of magic. It has the power to protect those who are blessed by it. It is also known as an all-seeing eye, which grants knowledge and wisdom.

4. Eye of Ra

The Eye of Ra is another Egyptian symbol of magic. This one has similar powers of protection and wisdom. It is the opposite eye of the Eye of Horus, making them easier to tell apart.

5. Pentagram

The pentagram is a blank slate for magic. It is not evil or satanic, but instead is a major symbol for Wiccans of all kinds. Traditionally, it even represented the five wounds of Jesus Christ, but now has many meanings, depending on who uses it.

6. Moon

The moon is a symbol of magic. It has a lot of power that can be harnessed in different ways depending on the phase of the moon. A moon of a different color and a full moon is the most powerful versions.

7. Besom

Besom is a tradotiaonl Wiccan broom. It can be used as a tool in sorcery by sweeping it to remove evil spirits or granting someone a good night’s rest by placing it under their bed.

8. Ankh

The Ankh symbol is an old Egyptian emblem of magic. It represents fertility, eternal life, and protection. Those who draw upon its power look for good health for loved ones and eternal, internal youth.

9. Triskele

The Triskele is a simple spiral of magic. The Celtic emblem has a vague representation because it is so old and used by so many. Pagans and Wiccans alike draw upon its power for divination spells and rituals.

10. Horn of Odin

The Horn of Odin is a special Nordic symbol of magic. It grants wisdom and power to those who use it as it’s tied to a story of the gods and honoring Odin’s son Thor.

11. Chalice

The chalice is a magic symbol of fertility and divinity. It is the most common way to hold potions and elixirs to give them extra power. The material of the chalice often comes into play as well.

12. Hexagram

Similar to the pentagram, the hexagram is a magic symbol. It is less popular in magic and more common in Christianity as the Star of David. But it can still be used for specific purposes in magic.

13. Triquetra

The Triquetra is a popular symbol of magic in Celtic and Nordic cultures. It can be a sign of the triple goddess to some, making it common in jewelry and other Pagan memorabilia. 

14. Celtic Knot

The Celtic knot is a symbol of protection magic. It is one of the most common protection runes in the world, now branching out far beyond its Celtic origins. 

15. Sun Wheel

The Sun Wheel is a rare symbol in magic but a powerful one that is as simple in appearance as it is in power. The Greeks often used the sun to represent masculine energy, which carried over to the magical use of the Sun Wheel.

Flowers That Symbolize Magic 

  • Lilac – sweet-smelling flowers that are said to ward off evil and cover the smell of death.
  • Coneflower – historically used by Native Americans to treat many ailments. 
  • Witch-hazel – a naturally medicinal flower that is true to its namesake. 
  • Lavender – a medicinal flower that brings positive energy to those around it.
  • Sedum – once used by Romans to protect against lightning. 
  • Baby’s Breath – pure flowers that hold pure white magic.

Animal Magic Symbols

  • Cat – the most common animal of magic with the oldest origins.
  • Bat – a common familiar that is more than just a beacon of dark magic.
  • Bee – they make the food of the gods with ties to adding magic to the small moments in life.
  • Snake – in both dark and light magic, the serpent is in many rituals.
  • Ravenintelligent birds that can be utilized by magic users to deliver messages.
  • Owl – just like Hedwig from Harry Potter, owls in real life also symbolize magic.

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