Symbols of beauty are emblems and figures that represent beauty. They can be given as gifts to someone you find beautiful. You can surround yourself with them to absorb the beauty they represent. If you see a symbol of beauty, then it may be a sign you should start seeing the beauty in things more.

Symbols Of Beauty

20 Symbols Of Beauty To Unlock Your Inner Goddess

1. Sky

The sky is a universal symbol of beauty. It is gazed at around the world for its enchanting features and the way that it connects us all.

2.  Face Tattoos

In New Zealand, face tattoos are a traditional symbol of beauty. They are worn by men and women, particularly by those with ingenious family members.

3. Stretched Earlobes

Large earlobes are a simple of beauty in Kenya. They are stretched by gauges that are made bigger and bigger as the ear stretches. The trend has now spread to other parts of the world, but it all began in Kenya.

4. Seashells

Seashells are a symbol of beauty in many parts of the world. They were used as jewelry and adornments long ago, oftentimes in favor of gems.

5. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Greek symbol of beauty. She is the goddess of beauty and love, often seen as the most beautiful woman to exist in mythology.

6. Gold

Gold is a well-known symbol of beauty. It is seen as a sign of wealth, which often equaled beauty, and has been since ancient times.

7. Melon Seeds

Melon seeds and eggs symbolize beauty in China. This is because the melon seed face shape is the standard of beauty.

8. Pearl

Pearls are symbols of beauty all around the world. They are rare, making them more valuable and thus a more coveted symbol of beauty.

9. Venus

Venus is the Roman symbol of beauty. She is the Roman counterpart to Aphrodite, though both the goddess and the planet represent beauty.

10. Jade

Jade is an ancient symbol of beauty. The color and the stone are considered priceless and can even grant good luck.

11. Moon

The moon is an Islamic symbol of beauty. It is considered a feminine entity that represents harmony and serenity as well as beauty.

12. Henna

Henna is an Indian symbol of beauty. In fact, Indian brides wear henna on their wedding days. Henna has historically known for good luck. However, it has recently become a fashion statement.

13. Elongated Neck

In Thailand, elongated necks are a beauty standard. Some women use rings to slowly extend their necks.


The girdle is a historical symbol of beauty. It could also grant the wearer superhuman strength and was worn by Aphrodite.

15. Yaeba

Yaeba is a Japanese symbol of beauty, referring to crooked teeth. The trend of crooked teeth in Japan was at its highest in the early 2010s, but the trend remains.

16. Slipper

In Ancient Greece, the slipper was a symbol of love and beauty. In fact, this is likely why Cinderella lost her slipper. The symbol was for representing the fairy tale.

17. Comb

The comb, or the daufe, is a symbol of beauty. The ties to cleanliness the comb represents let us know why it stands for beauty.

18. Lips

Lips are a modern beauty symbol. Women who wore red lips were once considered witches. But now bright lips are a beauty standard.

19. Nefer

Nefer is a hieroglyph that means “perfect” or “beautiful.” It looks similar to a Lute or a spoon and is used for Egyptian jewelry.

20. Mirror

The mirror is an Egyptian symbol of beauty. The story of Snow White retells the story when the mirror knows the fairest of them all.

Flowers That Symbolize Beauty

  • Lotus – represents a strong and graceful beauty.
  • Dahlia – represents a mature and confident beauty.
  • Lily flowers – represents pure beauty, untainted by the world.
  • Beauty Bush – represents sweet beauty.
  • Magnolia – represents an ever-changing beauty that stands out in a crowd.
  • Hibiscus – represents a soft yet deep beauty.
  • Chrysanthemum – represents a platonic beauty.

Animal Symbols Of Beauty

  • Swan – represent graceful and transforming love.
  • Butterfly – represents joyful and evolving love.
  • Peacock – represents dignified and unwavering love.
  • Dolphin – represents unending and loyal love.
  • Dove – represents innocent love.
  • Sparrow – represents unconditional love.
  • Tiger – represents protective love.

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