Symbols of success will inspire you to achieve your goals. You can utilize them to give you an upper hand in achieving your dreams. Because the meaning of success largely depends on the effort you put toward a desired goal.

Symbols of Success

20 Symbols of Success and Achievement

1. Amber

The bright amber represents success. Amber is a resin product on tree bark, which the trees work hard to make, often encapsulating insects as the amber forms.

2. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are symbols of success and prosperity. They prevent negative energies from entering homes in China and can increase your chances of success when working nearby.

3. Acorn

The acorn is a symbol of success and growth. They often represent the more spiritual sides of success, ensuring emotional, social, and community success.

4. Star

Stars are shapes for success. They represent more than good fortune, hope, and luck. They also represent the goal of happiness and how one should follow one’s dreams.

5. Fu Dog

The Fu Dog is a symbol of success in China. They began their symbolism during the Han Dynasty, with ties to Buddhism, Hinduism, and more. These statues are placed on the north side of buildings for Feng Shui purposes.

6. Trophy

Trophies are gold, silver, and bronze symbols of success. They represent an achievement gained without luck but with hard work, determination, and a good education.

7. Water Fountain

Water fountains are common Chinese symbols of success. They represent positive things, from wealth to love to emotional stability.

8. Money Toad

The money toad is a lucky toad in Asia. It has many names and tales, but it generally comes from the moon to offer wealth and prosperity to those who deserve it.

9. Desk

Desks are symbols of success because they insinuate someone is working hard. The furniture item also represents stability, determination, and support, which are important elements of success.

10. Office

A large office can symbolize success in the workplace. People are granted this when they are promoted and transitioned to an office rather than a cubicle. It is safe to assume that this promotion was earned.

11. Key

Keys represent success due to the doors they open. Success is often achieved because opportunities are given to hardworking individuals. They use these opportunities to achieve their dreams.

12. Eight Treasures

The eight treasures are Chinese items called precious things. They are all positive symbols, with a few of them tied to success. These are the rhino’s horn, which means victory, and the copper coins, which means wealth.

13. Hamsa

The Hamsa symbol represents success and prosperity. It is the Hand of Fatima. When the symbol is facing up, it is thought to protect against evil. However, when it is facing down, the symbol grants prosperity.

14. Dragon

Dragons are symbols of success in Asian countries. These types of dragons are benevolent and kind, offering wealth to all who call upon their power and blessings.

15. Coins of the Ten Emperors

The coins of the ten emperors are feng shui coins that encourage success. They represent the Ten Emperors during the Qing Dynasty, symbolizing wealth, power, and success.

16. Diploma

Diplomas and other credentials are symbols of academic success. They mean you are qualified to do what you are doing at work. These are generally framed to protect and display them.

17. Ship

Ships represent success due to the crusades and pirate adventures that gained sailors’ wealth. Today, ships can carry millions of dollars’ worth of cargo, giving the captain an important job that requires success for the good of many.

18. Prism

Prisms are important symbols of success in Feng Shui. They are used to reflect, capture, and disperse energies. They have the power to keep successful energy flowing while stopping inhibitory energy.

19. Medal

Medals are wearable symbols of success. They are similar to badges, with both being well-earned accommodations that aren’t necessarily related to physical accomplishments.

20. Plaque

Plaques are engraved metal, usually gold, wall hangings that show accomplishments. They are meant to hang on walls or decorate shelves in places with traffic to show what someone has accomplished.

Flowers That Symbolize Success

  • Statice – a colorful flower that stands for accomplishments and new achievements
  • Peony – a sweet flower of success in love and sometimes luck
  • Amaryllis – a flower of success in artistic and recreational areas

Plants That Symbolize Success

  • Ficus – a weeping fig plant that offers prosperity and peace
  • Aloe Vera – a healing plant that helps you move on and accomplish goals
  • Maple – the leaf of the ample tree represents luck, while the syrup represents riches
  • Fennel – this herb has represented success since ancient times
  • Bamboo – in China, this plant can bring good fortune to those who utilize it

Animal Success Symbols

  • Goldfish – the name alone symbolizes wealth and good fortune
  • Ducks – Mandarin ducks, in particular, represent a successful marriage
  • Cardinal – red birds, in general, represent luck and good fortune brought to those who believe
  • Eagle – a bird that represents victory
  • Cranes – this bird represents success, immortality, and abundance
  • Bats – a symbol of good luck and success awarded to those who work hard
  • Horse – the galloping horse represents freedom and confidence in success

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