Scorpion Symbolism

Scorpion symbolism represents protection, danger, and power. The scorpion has many meanings across cultures, some being far different than the standard venomous antagonist in fiction.


What Does A Scorpion Symbolize?


One reason scorpions are thought to symbolize protection is due to their venom. They are powerful creatures that can protect themselves as well as their offspring.


A few cultures view scorpions as a symbol of guardianship. In many ancient cultures, it was believed that scorpions were the guardians of the underworld.

Several African cultures viewed the scorpion as a guardian. The Ancient Egyptians considered the scorpion a guardian that would carry the soul of those who have passed to the other world.


If you are stung by a scorpion, it can be deadly. It’s rare for the scorpion to provoke a situation, but when someone does it can end badly.

Death and Rebirth

Scorpions are thought to symbolize death, and they’ve been associated with death in many cultures around the world and throughout history. This is likely because they are able to kill a person with their toxins.

On the other hand, some ancient cultures believed that the scorpion had the power to heal. This was commonly found in Shamanic cultures as shamans considered the scorpion to be a spiritual guide towards healing.


Scorpions are known to be defensive creatures and they can be ferocious when they are provoked. The scorpion is not aggressive unless you give the scorpion a reason to defend itself or something else.


The scorpion symbol was often an important one for the ruling classes throughout history. In particular, the scorpion was symbolic of power in Ancient Egypt.

Different Kinds of Scorpion Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings


In Africa, scorpions are both revered and feared. They are viewed as symbols of power, guardianship, as well as evil and death.

Ancient Greek

In Ancient Greek Mythology, scorpions are related to a giant huntsman named Orion. In one story, Orion was turned into a constellation after being placed among the stars by Zuez. After Apollo became mad at Orion for going on hunting trips with his brother Apollo, Apollo sent a scorpion to kill Orion.

Another version of this story says that Orion angered Gaia, or Mother Earth, by wanting to kill each animal on the planet. Gaia then sent the scorpion to kill Orion. Ultimately, Orion was among the stars where he could hunt or be chased by the scorpion till the end of time.

Ancient Egyptian

In Ancient Egypt, scorpions were viewed as symbols of life and death. They are also thought to symbolize the quality of control and guardianship in the underworld.

Serket, a scorpion goddess who was also the goddess of fertility, was worshiped by the Egyptians. The goddess was sometimes depicted as having a woman’s body and a scorpion’s head. It was said that she could take the form of a scorpion and heal venomous scorpion stings.

Ancient Rome

In Ancient Rome, scorpions were feared. Scorpions were depicted on shields of the Imperial Roman Army, also known as the Praetorian Gaurd.


In Celtic culture, it was believed that scorpions had mystical powers while being viewed as poisonous, evil, and dangerous. It was also said that scorpions possessed powers relating to the underworld as they were able to in crevices.

Native American 

In Native American culture, scorpions symbolize change, danger, and risk. The scorpion can be found in Native American folklore, and the scorpion was used in rituals and spells. The poison was also used as a kind of medicine and as an antidote.

In Shamanic medicine, it was thought that the poison from the scorpion had the power to heal against other toxins because of its psychedelic properties. It was also thought that the scorpion’s poison could lead to an altered state of mind, allowing someone to reach a higher state of consciousness.


In the Buddhist religion, there are folklore tales that portray the scorpion as a mighty force. This is due to scorpions being known to sting in order to protect themselves.


In Hindu culture, it is said that if you pray at the shrine of Chelamma, a Hindu goddess, you will be given protection from scorpion bites. It’s also said in Indian folklore that if someone is bitten by a scorpion, they should call on the supreme god Shiva to remove the poison and stinger.


For Muslims or those part of the Islam religion, scorpions are symbols of evil and protection. In folklore, they are portrayed as a symbol of sexuality. Scorpions are often portrayed in Islamic art, where scorpions are depicted as having power over evil.

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