Panda symbolism represents sustenance, relaxation, and stability. Native to Asia, these animals are strong symbols throughout the world.

What Does a Panda Symbolize?

Gentle Strength

Pandas are the epitome of the gentle giant; they are large animals with big claws and paws that are often happiest tumbling down hills and chewing on bamboo. These animals remind us how to function and what we should remember.


Pandas are all about balance; it’s one of the ways they avoid confrontation. Encountering one could be a sign that one part of your life is taking priority over others in an unhealthy manner. It can also indicate you are focusing too much on things you want rather than things you need.


Pandas are one with nature around them and dislike chaos, making them a representative of stability. Seeing one, or focusing on them and their energy, can have a calming effect.


Panda Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning


The Chinese culture recognizes the panda as a representation of the yin and the yang. This is because of the bear’s black and white fur, two different perspectives, or the duality of man.

This symbolizes the differences between people and the need for opposing opinions to be capable of co-existing. It also represents the light and dark that exists in all of us, the good and bad we are each capable of.

Mexican Culture

Pandas are uncommon outside of China, but there is one left in Mexico, and people worry about the fate of future pandas. The existing pandas were gifts from China, as with many pandas over time.

Mexico was far from the only country to establish diplomatic relations with China and gain the reward of giant pandas in their zoos. The problem is that relationships began to wane in the years since. It is difficult to know what happens next, as relationships change over time.

Greek/Roman Mythology

In Greek and Roman Mythology, the panda is believed to represent hospitality. The Goddess of hospitality, charity, and asylum in this region is Empananda.

The gate to the city where she lived was named after her. She was tricked into welcoming residents to her city, believing what they “wore on their left arms” would be bracelets rather than shields. However, her spirit is still welcoming those from outside.

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