Symbols of leadership will help you take control of your life. Leadership skills can benefit anyone who wants to feel more confident, be more influential, and be of value to society.

Symbols of Leadership

26 Leadership Symbols to Make a Difference

1. Flag

Flags are ultimate leadership symbols. They represent any cause or association by those who see themselves as either leaders or followers of the group.

2. Scepter

A scepter is a tool for leaders of all kinds. It looks like a short staff and is a symbol without practical use to show power, authority, and good discernment.

3. Badge and/or Uniform

Uniforms and badges are meant to show professionalism and trustworthiness all over the world. They are for individuals that you can go to when in trouble, as the uniform and badge are traditionally worn by personnel who have your best interest at heart.

4. Islamic Star and Crescent

The Islamic star and crescent is an important symbol of leadership. It has been used for centuries to display a symbol of strength and power in the Islamic faith.

6. Queen Chess Piece

Chess, in general, is a symbol of leadership, but no piece leads like the queen. She is the strongest and most versatile piece. However, in the game of chess, even a pawn can be the leader it needs to be, as it is most often the piece to move first.

7. Headdress

Headdresses are the primary leadership symbol for Native Americans. The headdress is has many identifying pieces that show the status and accomplishments of said leader.

8. Crown

Crowns are one of the most common royal symbols of leadership. They represent the respect and honor given to and received from a monarch, though the meaning has drifted to anyone in power, even if it is inner power.

9. Sword

The sword is a symbol of leadership in many cultures. During the Middle Ages and beyond, leaders were the first to the frontlines in battle. In fact, before a king could reign, it was necessary to fight in a battle.

10. Uruz

A Viking rune that means leadership and growth. It represents the need to grow, overcome old habits, and begin things anew when necessary.

11. Hamsa

A hand that represents authority, power, and strength. For many years, the hand is a symbol across different cultures in the Middle East. But only recently has the symbol gained popularity across the world.

12. Pacific Islander Leadership

  • ʻAhu ʻula – a Hawaiian feather cape used by nobles
  • Mahiole – a Hawaiian military hat that symbolizes the highest rank
  • Tiki – a Maori symbol of leadership and a way to identify the culture you connect with

13. Ren

Ren is a symbol of Confucius that represents leadership. It is meant to represent the virtuous and moral behavior of a leader. Confucianists believe that leaders must be compassionate and kind.

14. Lightbulb

The lightbulb is a symbol of leadership connected to innovation. Lightbulbs are for those who start new things and see the world in a unique way.

15. Throne

Thrones are royal symbols of leadership. They are connected to prestige and political authority. But they also represent the duty of someone in power rather than the power for the sake of it.

16. Adinkrahene

An Adrinkan symbol of leadership and royalty. It means Adrinka king, and it is a circle within a circle. This is a good representation of how true leadership works with the circles representing the people and their leader.

17. Tartan

The Scottish tartan is a symbol of strength and leadership. It has been worn for thousands of years by clan chiefs with the type of sash on the tartan representing the rank of said military leader.

19. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolts are nature’s symbol of leadership. They represent Zeus, Thor, and other gods who reign in mythology.

20. Chinese Imperial Seal

The Chinese Imperial Seal is a precious stone of leaders. It is carved out of jade or another stone and used the way that a wax seal may be used.

21. Samurai

The Japanese samurai is a leader in Japanese culture. He uses his abilities as a trained warrior to take on fearsome foes. What he is taught goes beyond physical but ascends to mental and spiritual as well.

22. Turban

The turban is an Indian symbol of leadership. It represents brotherhood and the commitment to serving your religion as well as all of humanity to the best of your abilities.

23. Qujanaq

Qujanq is an Inuit symbol of leadership. The symbol means “thank you”. It is used to express gratitude for those who have supported you. This can be used by leaders and be used to thank leaders.

24. Shinto Torii Gate

In Shintoism, the Torii gate is a symbol of leadership. It is related to spiritual and divine leadership because it is a symbol that connects the two realms. Those who can connect the two realms through people are leaders.

25. Hindu Om

The Hindu Om symbol has many meanings, including leadership. Om is the sound of the earth. Those who can understand and sense this can make great leaders.

26. Buddhist Wheel of Dharma

The wheel of Dharma is a Buddhist symbol of leadership. It represents the enlightenment necessary to be a true leader. It has been used for many reasons, but all of the traits signified on the Dharma wheel are keys to leadership.

Flowers That Symbolize Leadership

  • Purple Carnations – used in the celebration of events with a large group of people led by someone with good leadership skills
  • Gladiolus – the flower of the strength and leadership it takes to be a gladiator
  • Orchid – a flower of elegance and strength, showing the compassion needed for a great leader.

Crystals That Symbolize Leadership

  • Sunstone – energizes and gives confidence
  • Spirit Quartz – iridescent vibrations that keep you authentic
  • Bloodstone – great crystal for healing and keeping your power
  • Jasper – deep power and motivation
  • Pyrite – keeps you balanced and channels your gifts

Animal Leadership Symbols

  • Eagle a leadership bird in many countries as they are apex predators who are independent unlike many other birds
  • Boar – a strong and self-sufficient wild animal with Celtic ties to leadership
  • Liona symbol of leadership and power – wearing a lion tooth is a way to exhibit this
  • Jaguar – a fierce alpha predator with leadership ties in many cultures

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