Symbols of guidance are signs that you are on the right path in life. You can use them to manifest spiritual guidance at work, with your family, or in your personal life because there is more than one type of guidance.

Symbols of Guidance

21 Symbols of Guidance to Lead You

1. Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra is the chakra of guidance. It is located in the center of your head. Those with strong third eye chakra may have psychic powers and a better understanding of guidance.

2. Lighthouse

The lighthouse is a symbol of physical and spiritual guidance. It guides the sailors through the seas by shining a light, a perfect representation of spiritual guidance.

3. Laguz Rune

The Laguz Rune is a Viking rune that can guide us through tough times. It is a simple symbol, so you can recreate it without the stress of striving toward perfection.

4. Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of the third eye chakra. It represents wisdom, protection, and guidance in all areas of life.

5. Bell

Bells are used to alert people in many cases. They are audio guides that let people know what is happening, alert them of danger, or notify of the time.

6. Cairn

Cairns are stones stacked together in perfect balance. They were once used to guide travelers as landmarks across unmarked land.

7. Compass

The compass is an old symbol of guidance that can physically guide us. Though we now use digital means to guide us, the directional method used by a compass is still implemented today.

8. Lantern

Lanterns are spiritual and physical guides. Though now uncommon, lanterns are symbols of spiritual guidance, used in festivals worldwide to show gratitude and bring good luck.

9. Vegvísir

Vegvísir is the most popular Viking symbol for guidance. The word Vegvísir literally translates to “path” and “guide.”

10. Yin Yang

Yin Yang is a symbol of peace and virtue. The balance of Yin Yang is one of the strongest forms of guidance as it leads us through difficult times by keeping a level head and a clear heart.

11. North Star

The North Star is a spiritual symbol in Christianity as it guides people to Christ. It was also often used by sailors to guide them in the proper direction. Now, the North Star is a symbol of Christmas and is often one of the brightest stars in the sky.

12. Buddha’s Eyes

Buddha’s eyes are a symbol of spiritual guiding power. It represents the third eye in us and how we can connect it to Buddha’s wisdom, which can guide us through life.

13. Arrow

The arrow is a symbol of guidance. It represents the path that may appear as a straight and narrow path and the focus it takes to stay on it.

14. Koru Aih

Koru Aihe is a Maori symbol that represents guidance. It is a dolphin of freedom, harmony, and friendship. This symbol can help heal and guide sailors to their destination.

15. Moon

The moon stands for emotional guidance. The phases it goes through are much like the emotional phases we go through, giving us a natural power to relate to and influence us.

16. Manaia

Manaia is another Maori symbol, this one a messenger. It represents a messenger bird and the infinite power, seen in figure eight, of spirituality.

17. Yatagarasu

Yatagarasu is a crow god that is seen in Japanese mythology. He was sent to guide the first emperor of Japan.

18. Holding Hands

Holding hands represents guidance. When a parent leads a child, they do so by holding their hand. The picture is a common sign in Christianity, with Christ leading his people.

19. Waypoint

The waypoint symbol is now a common symbol of guidance. Though once only used in fiction, it is now on every GPS, letting us know the proper way to go.

20. Moss

Moss is a sign of guidance because it usually grows on the north side of trees. This can help guide you through the forest without a compass or a view of the sky.

21. Dharma Chakra

The Dharma Wheel is a great sign of guidance. It guides us through life like a ship’s helm, with each handle representing a different area of life.

Flowers That Symbolize Guidance

  • Lotus – a highly spiritual flower and the ultimate flora of guidance.
  • Honeysuckle – a flower to lead you towards a positive lifestyle.
  • Dahlia – a flower to ward off bad guidance and lead you away.
  • Morning Glory – the bold flower that guides you towards peace and joy.

Animal Guidance Symbols

  • Chickadee – a symbol of joyful guidance, this bird is considered good luck and even prophetic.
  • Hedgehog – hailed by sailors who kept them so they could sense bad weather.
  • Firefly – the animal that is the ultimate symbol of guidance due to its light.
  • Dog – a natural guide and best friend who always steers you right.
  • Seahorse – an ocean guide seen as magical, granting sailors good luck on their way.
  • Owl seen as wise and sage-like birds.
  • Eagle – knows what it wants and are apex predators, so they can follow their path without fear.
  • Butterflyan insect said to hold spiritual power and can physically guide you to the right path.

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