Gorilla symbolism represents strength, family, and dignity. These powerful primates are native to the forest and mountains in West Africa, making them a part of the region’s mythology and folklore, but their significance extends far beyond their home.


What Does a Gorilla Symbolism?


The gorilla is known for its strength as it is capable of lifting objects ten times its body weight. It can remind us that there isn’t just physical strength but also emotional, social, and intellectual strength, which are all important. We should use the power we hold wisely and advocate for the betterment of people and society.


The gorilla demonstrates a sense of self and self-respect, making the animal a symbol of dignity. While people can treat you poorly, it’s important to not stoop to their level. This animal encourages you to rise above. In addition, when provoked, you still need to stick up for yourself and remind them of your boundaries.


The gorilla is a symbol of communication. Through facial expressions, body language, and sounds, gorillas are able to communicate with one another. The gorilla is able to communicate effectively, which serves as a reminder to us to be good communicators ourselves.


As a symbol of tranquility, the gorilla is known to have a daily routine that involves sleeping, foraging and eating, napping, and grooming one another. The life of the gorilla isn’t too hectic or chaotic. Every night, gorillas sleep on a bed they make of leaves before settling down to sleep.

Community and Family

Gorillas live in large groups, which can sometimes have dozens of members. Because of this, they are symbols of community and family. They keep their friends and family close to them. Therefore, they are always surrounded by their parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and more. The gorilla also forms friendships, especially when a troop is very large.


While the gorilla is known for its strength, it’s also highly intelligent. Gorillas can display complex emotions, and they have complex social lives. They are known to play practical jokes on one another, and they have great memories. The gorilla is also capable of remembering places and faces for years.


Even though the gorilla is incredibly strong, it’s also mastered self-restraint and gentleness. As a symbol of gentleness, the gorilla can remind us to be more gentle and not take our frustrations out on others. The gorilla can remind us to stay calm and to have compassion for others.

Gorilla Symbolism and Spiritual Meanings Throughout the World


The Bulu People of Cameroon call the gorilla ngui or ngo, which translates to positive force. They believe that the gorilla is one of the wisest animals and consider it to be their closest relative.

In parts of Gabon, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic, there are stories about how people would be reincarnated as gorillas or shapeshift into gorillas. There are also sacred gorilla societies.


Located in eastern Gabon, the Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon, the Kwele People tell stories about gorillas who are reincarnated as human beings. They are believed to have special powers.

Additionally, some locals say that the gorilla is their ancestry. For the Kwele People, it is taboo to hunt or kill gorillas, and they say that hunting or harming a gorilla can put someone in danger.

Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, gorillas were viewed as mischievous characters. While they were known for their strength and power, they were also known for stimes causing trouble.

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