Feminine symbols can empower anyone seeking female power. They are often used to help one unlock their femininity or embrace certain sides of themselves.

Feminine Symbols

17 Universal Feminine Symbols

1. Gaia

Gaia is the goddess of the earth. She is a Greek goddess who is believed to have created the earth and protected it. So in a way, she is a form of Mother Earth.

2. Venus

Venus is pure feminine energy. She is represented by the Venus symbol and stands for everything that makes females unique.

3. Berkano Rune

The Berkano Rune symbolizes the birch goddess, renewal, and regeneration. Only females can give birth and create life, which is what the Berkano Rune represents.

4. Moon and Triple Moon

The moon and the triple moon symbol represent femininity. The moon has month-long cycles, and the triple moon symbol symbolizes all of the positive traits of a woman.

5. Athena

Athena has strong feminine energy. She represents war, wisdom, and femininity. She stands against the picture of the weak and emotional female.

6. Unalome

The Unalmone is a common tattoo that is used in Buddhist cultures. It represents enlightenment and defying the patriarchy with peace.

7. Fertility Spiral Goddess

The spiral goddess symbolizes fertility and creativity. It is an old symbol with two moons on its side and the womb represented by a swirl.

8. Oyster

Oysters represent feminine energy. They make pearls from their scars, turning ashes into beauty kept close to their heart.

9. Ichthys

The Jesus Fish often represents fertility and female goddesses in other cultures. It also stands for miracles and abundance.

10. Umay

Umay is a Turkish Goddess of fertility and nurturing spirits. She protects women and children, involved in many tests done in ancient Turkey.

11. Phoenix

The Phoenix has strong feminine energy. It is resilient, with the ability to rise again when it is defeated, stronger than ever.

12. Mother Knot

The mother knot is a Celtic symbol of two heats together. This stands for motherhood and the unbreakable bond mother and child share.

13. Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She is highly sensual and could bless marriages in ancient Greece.

14. Sheela Na Gig

Sheela Na Gig is often considered vulgar but represents being comfortable with your energy and body. Since she dates back to at least 1000 AD, this is a huge statement.

15. Asase Ye Duru

Asase Ye Duru means “the earth has weight” in the Adrinka culture. It symbolizes Mother Earth, feminine energy, and sustenance.

16. Durga

Durga is the goddess in the Hindu faith with arms, much like the spider which also symbolizes feminine energy. She often rides a tiger, further enforcing the power she holds.

17. Inguz Rune

The Inguz Rune is diamond-shaped with both feminine and masculine energy. It represents perfect flow and the balance between the energies.

Flowers That Symbolize Femininity

  • Queen Anne’s Lace – aptly named, the flower stands for the beauty of a woman.
  • Lily – the white flower represents purity in a woman, but can be used for male purity too.
  • Orchid – linked to sensuality, represents owning your energy, fertility, and vitality.
  • Rose – red, white, and pink roses represent the different types of femininity.

Animal Feminine Symbols

  • Cat – the animal with the strongest feminine energy, often used to represent women in fiction.
  • Swan – the bird with the most grace and flow represents feminine power.
  • Elephant – the strong animal represents matriarchy, and the feminine connection one has with their peers.
  • Spider – the feminine arachnids even have a goddess in Hopi mythology.
  • Orca – the sea creature represents peace, family, and female intelligence.
  • Lioness – the female lion represents the strength of feminine power.

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