Crow symbols are all over the world and are a part of many different cultures. The species represents transformation and change but more so a spiritual or emotional change. Crows can provide insight and help us to adapt to the situations we find ourselves in.

7 Crow Symbols and Spiritual Meanings 

1. Buddhism

In Buddhism, crows are represented by Mahakala as he takes on a physical form in life. Mahakala is a protector of Dharma. Crows mean protection and wisdom.

2. Catholicism 

Within Catholicism, crows represent God coming in and out of people’s lives. Crows are also a messenger that symbolizes guidance in your life, the direction your life is going, and any transformation that occurs during your life.

3. Celtic Culture

In Celtic culture, crows represent the ‘warrior god’ and ‘queen’ Morrighan. They symbolize uniqueness, unforeseen knowledge, and fastidiousness. Crows are a positive species as they embody a combination of abilities and skills. Under the Druidic rule, killing a crow was considered a felony.

4. Chinese Culture

In Chinese culture, crows have a negative connotation. They symbolize bad fortune and deceit. 

5. Christianity 

You won’t find a direct mention of a crow in the bible. Within Christianity as a whole, crows symbolize death because of the bird’s color and the way crows feed. Crows also represent earthiness, as the bird spends most of their time on the ground rather than flying in the air.

6. Hinduism 

In Hinduism, crows represent a portal between death and life. Those within Hindu culture will sometimes leave an offering of food to crows for deceased loved ones.

7. Native American Culture

In Native American culture, crows represent aged wisdom and signify good fortune. Another interpretation is that crows are tricksters, as crows are mischievous animals that find joy in playing mind games and deceiving people.

Are Crows a Good or Bad Omen?

Crows can be considered a good omen as it includes wisdom and transformation. Crows can provide insight into how to deal with certain circumstances you are facing. You want to rely on your wit and intelligence.

Crows and Death

There are a number of people who believe crows are able to detect when someone might die soon. People also believe that crows indicate where people have died in the past.

While crows are not able to sense death in humans, crows can sense death in animals.

How to Interpret a Crow Encounter

When you encounter a crow, you should consider it a message. For example, the message might be a piece of advice, an omen, or a warning sign.

It’s up to the person who encounters the crow to decide what it means at that moment, and you’ll want to take an in-depth look into the encounter.

One Crow Sighting

If you see a single crow, you can consider it a positive omen. It signifies fortune and that new opportunities will be coming your way.

Seeing a singular crow can also be a message from a deceased loved one who is trying to comfort you during vulnerable times. 

Seeing Many Crows

If you see many crows, there are a variety of things it can mean. In general, a sighting of many crows can be a sign of spiritual growth and transformation. 

Being Followed by a Crow

If you are being followed by a crow, you could think of it as a sign that someone from the spiritual world is trying to communicate with you. You are also being guided by your intuition and instincts when taking on new opportunities or making important decisions.

Being Attacked by a Crow

If a crow attacks you or tries to attack you, this is a sign of misfortune. You might have received bad news.

Crows Cawing

Crows caw for many reasons, and it can be taken as a warning sign. If you hear a single crow caw in your immediate surroundings, the crow might be trying to speak to you. 

The sound of a crow cawing can also mean that you are on the right path and need to keep moving forward. If you’re currently experiencing personal growth or taking on a certain endeavor, a crow cawing can mean that you need to stay strong and persevere. 

Crows Feeding on a Dead Animal

If you see a crow feeding on a dead animal, it can be a sign of misfortune. It could also mean that something new or exciting is coming soon.

Finding a Crow Feather

If you come across a crow feather, it’s a powerful sign. Crows feathers are often associated with magic and ancient bird symbolism. Seeing a crow feather can be a sign that you have been given a new opportunity or that you have tapped into mystical powers that will help you in certain situations.

Seeing a Dead Crow

If you see a dead crow, there are multiple ways that you can interpret the sighting. One is that you have a secret that is weighing you down or that you have a secret that you will take the grave with you.

Crow Superstition

There is a superstition surrounding seeing multiple crows. If you see five crows, this could mean that sickness will follow. If you see six, death might follow. There is also a superstition that a group of crows, called a murder, can be an indication of bad health.

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