Cardinal symbolism represents luck, honor, and confidence. Different cultures and religions have various ideas regarding the symbol of a cardinal.

9 Cardinal Symbolism and Spiritual Meaning

1. Christianity

Christian religions can have a biblical meaning with cardinals, such as the blood of Christ and the promise of forgiveness. Some Christian faiths see the cardinal as linked to the Holy Spirit, as in baptism, offering a renewal or rebirth.

2. Pueblo Tribe

In the Pueblo tribe, Cardinals were seen as a guardian of sorts. The guardian would appear to let you know which direction to go when you were lost or questioning your destiny.

3. Pima People

The Pima People once roamed around the south of the United States and thought that seeing a cardinal meant rain would come. The sighting didn’t just indicate rain was coming, though, but also lightning.

4. Cherokee

The Cherokee tribe, which was more north than the Pima, also thought Cardinals brought messages about the weather. They didn’t think they just indicated rain, however, and that Cardinals could also warn of cold conditions to come.

5. Choctaw

The Choctaw were much different than other tribes, as they believed that Cardinals were a sign of love. If a cardinal appeared near a couple, it meant they were a good match and would have luck in their married life.

6. Ancient Greece

Cardinals were common in ancient Europe and represented the Greek god of the sun, Helios. Seeing a cardinal meant that this god was watching over you. Thus, you would be successful in the task you were headed to complete.

7. Ancient Rome

Ancient Romans thought that cardinals were holy messengers sent from the god Jupiter, who is also the king of the gods. If you came across a Cardinal, you needed to listen closely as it was trying to tell you something important.

8. Celtic Mythology

Cardinals aren’t as common in Ireland as in other European places. As a result, seeing a cardinal was considered a sign of good luck in Celtic mythology. The bird was also thought to symbolize extra good luck for a woman who was trying to conceive.

9. Ancient China

Throughout Asian countries, red has long been a color meaning good luck and wealth. So, it’s natural that they would think of the cardinal similarly. If you saw a red bird, it meant your ancestors were giving you luck. Therefore, you would go on to have a wealthy life.

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