Bluebird symbolism represents joy, innocence, and family. The bluebird is a bright ray of hope in many cultures.


11 Spiritual Meanings of Bluebird Symbolism

1. Navajo

Bluebirds are a symbol of the sun and morning in Navajo cultures. They believe that the bluebird signifies the start of a new day, which can be translated to the start of anything new.

2. Iroquois

In Iroquois culture, bluebirds are a symbol of life. The Iroquois believe life began when a woman fell from the sky. One of her sons created animals; the other induced himself instead of being born naturally. The second brother killed his mother and brought darkness to the lands. But the first brother sends a bluebird each spring to drive away the cold winter.

3. Pima

Pima people associate bluebirds with change and humbleness. There is a Pima legend that the bluebird used to be boring and dull. But one day, he bathed in blue water and sang a magical song to give himself color. The coyote wanted the same, but when he turned blue, he became proud and lost his color. Because the bluebird was humble, he kept his.

4. Chochiti

In Chochiti culture, the bluebird represents a son to the sun named Bluebird, whose mother is human. Each day, Bluebird brings light to the sky via his father.

6. Ojibwa

In Ojibwa culture, the bluebird makes the rainbow. They were around before the earth had color, and it was up to them to add much of the color we see today, brightening meadows and painting the skies.

7. Russian

In Russian fairy tales, bluebirds stand for hope. It has been a symbol in many stories and songs created long before Russians arrived in America.

8. French

In France, Tales of the Fairies is a popular tale about a king who becomes a bluebird to help his partner. That is just one of the many French bluebird tales.

9. Korean

In Korean lore, bluebirds spy on humans, reporting their findings to gods. They are messengers with the ability to travel between worlds.

10. Chinese

In Chinese culture, bluebirds symbolize the queen goddess of the West, Xi Wangmu. She protects single women and is considered the Mother of the West, a deity that can be traced back to the Shang Dynasty.

11. Christian

In Christianity, the bluebird is a messenger of hope and joy, always a positive symbol. They represent the new life we have been given and our choice of what we want to do with it.

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